I remember it just as if it was yesterday, when my 11-year-old daughter came home from her first day of middle school.  Our spirited out going child had changed in a span of 8 hours!  Age 11 is not an easy age. This is when your child enters the world of middle school. Elementary school is where we are introduced to meeting the other kids that we begin forming and developing relationship with from the first to the fifth grade.

Enter your first day of middle school. It really is like your first Mid-life Crisis.  This is to be expected. Most kids at this stage are trying to find themselves. Essentially trying to locate their identity.  When my daughter came home from her first day of middle school, I could see hurt in her eyes. Disappointment, which is not a normal expression that I would have expected. When looking into her eyes I saw pain, not the normal excitement and nervousness.  I saw a spirit that had been crushed within the first week. What was the reason for this complete alteration of her personality you might ask?

Bullying had entered her realm of existence. It was an abusive behavior, day in and day out from certain students that would not let up. She became their target practice. Words have power. They can either build you up or destroy. These dangerous insecure punks were shattering her spirit.  I saw a beautiful child that once laughed, smiled, and embraced life that had slowly turn inward, sad and feeling insignificant. It looked like her existence was being stripped away. Others were trying to label her and make her feel as if she were anything but human. she began excepting their slurs as truth; Seeing her pain was hard for me and much harder for my daughter.

Saving our child was my fist concern. Through counseling and one-on-one guidance, we helped her learn who she really was and gave her remarkable life tools she can now use throughout life. Now our beautiful 21 year old has discovered her value and worth as a person without looking for approval or validation from others.  She knows she is a rare gem, one of which that is brilliantly made! She has realized the she is more than okay!

Bully’s can strip ones soul and break the spirit of our children. Those that cause this kind of pain need help and have a disconnect. They are a harmful to society.

This story was written in tribute to my daughter, Ameka, and every other little girl that has been attacked and identity stolen. “You’re Okay” is an anthem to bring young girls back to the reality of who they really are!