I do believe everyone is in a daze after the changing of the guards in the U.S.A Leadership roles. Many are in disbelief. I sense much concern. This change is thick in the air and greets each American when we open our eyes to another day even affecting the world. I find myself constantly exhaling wondering to myself, “What will this day bring” and “What’s going on “. So much certainty.

Most humans work best day in and day out knowing pretty much what a day. Feeling more comforted with the normal activity. Man, functions best under circumstances they are familiar with. It’s like the average nine to fiver, you wake up, shower, get your clothes on, have breakfast then head out the door for work Monday through Friday to do the job. Some have weekends free. The first of the week rolls around and you start the grind over again. That’s familiar, right? Not to say that there are not unexpected happening in a given day. We know that is a part of living.

Now for me a regular routine becomes old to me quickly! I am not a nine to fiver at heart. I like change, something new, challenging, different. I do believe that is the creative soul in me the artist. But, this change in leadership has left me on the edge of my seat wondering what in the world will happen next. The shift is real. CNN stays on our TV day in and day out. Change is happening at lighten speed. This is very real. A business man is in the Big house who does not act, think, move like any leader we have ever experienced. This Leader has people on edge TOTALLY and millions are not comfortable with this shift or the changing of the guards. He is not an insider by any means.

We wanted something new, different and someone not part of the Washington’s “Good ole boy club”, Well, “Hello, I His home”. The reason I am seating on the edge of my seat is because things are moving so fast in less than three weeks. So much changing so fast. We cannot catch our breath. Much is looming in the air not just here in the States but all over the world these change affect nations. What is the answer for these uncertain times? Are there answers to help each of us to find comfort in these uncertain times?

Yes. Realize the change starts with YOU. 2) Prayer. It changes things and brings peace in the mist of uncertainty. 3) Speak up, speak out, this is not time for silence. These times are real. This is not weekly reality show we can turn off or on. What we are experiencing is not and nightly evening T.V. drama created by a staff of paid writers on a major network show. WE ARE LIVING IT. My last advice is just Love. Good always, always, always wins. Keep the faith and remember what our nation is built on. The shift is real.

My question to you is, “How are you dealing with the change?”. For me…. I will start composing songs and an outlet to help people find their way to peace of mind in the mist of not really knowing how it all will turn out. Song unifies and is the unspoken world language everyone understands.