Being in alignment with your ultimate purpose is critical. I am starting this blog off strong, because this message must be shared. What I can tell you is, be careful what you ask for. The preparation time can cut you like a double edge sword. A deep cutting away of things that don’t serve me, but most importantly, SERVE others started right before entering into 2017. Some of you may or may not know that I am a Jesus follower. One of his disciples. The way I share this message through music is through the genre of gospel Jazz.

Jazz has always been a love of mine and discovering it in my early twenties forever changed my musical taste and the direction I would go in my music. Once I started learning this classic style, all other genre of music had to stand in line and wait their turn. I was memorized by Sarah Vaugh, Ella and Streisand. The other life changer for me was when I learned I could tie the message of Jesus Christ to jazz creating the genre of gospel Jazz. My first album of gospel jazz originals was released in 2004. I felt called to share the message of love, hope and salvation, but what also started to seep through the crack, was too much of my own planning on how to get me to the level of success and worldly exposure I craved and desired. More money, fame and/or recognition. Though I was serving, my motives really were about reaching my dream of success, and I did not want to wait for it because in my mind, I was exposing the message and love of my life “Christ”, but not really in the way he desired or following the ultimate plan that he designed for me long before I was conceived. This made the ultimate reaching of my destination harder and would take me much longer to achieve. I am sure God was not surprised. I was livid! This is putting it mildly. I was not able to release my next project until 2016. That is over 12 years later! Not a part of my plan.

I truly thought I would be further along in so many areas of this dream of mine. Okay let’s go back to the first sentence of this blog. Go back and reread it now. The one thing it took me over twelve years to learn and I am now finally getting it, after the release of the Fill the Void project. What became clear to me through a series of painful events is my own dreams, is that my own plan, 9 times out of 10 had nothing to do with my purpose. I have learned through many tears and disappointments and prayer, my purpose was much greater than that dream of mine that I had since the age of 14. This was a rude awakening for me because I thought I was on the right path.

I am learning that a dream is something you create. The purpose is something God creates. Dreams can fade. You can forever hold it and not produce a thing. Purpose produces and leaves a legacy. Dreams are thoughts, images, sensations happening in your mind. Purpose on the other hand is the reason why something is done or created. It brings a change in a life outside of your own. As I am writing this blog, it is becoming clear to me that if you have a gift, it was not given to serve you and your own dreams but it was purposed to serve others. If there is delay, ask yourself, are you using your gift for its ultimate purpose? So what is being cutting away with that double edge sword I mentioned earlier in this blog,……..ME! Thank God!