One thing I will never have to say if I am blessed to live into my Golden years is: ”I wish I had done _______”. Can you imagine the feeling when you know that you had an opportunity to accomplish or at least attempt something, but decided not to because of fear, doubt, not believing it was possible or you started the dream but did not complete it?

Age is just a number! On the flip side, if you are 80 years old and still have a dream that you wish you had tried your hand at it; The likely hood of you doing it is very slim. There is a percentage who would prefer just dreaming about it and not actually pursue it or taking the easy road.

I am 54 years old and my dream has been to sing professionally and have my music playing around the world. Since I was 14, I have wanted to bring about positive change in the world. I knew what my call was very early on and I immediately went after it by singing with a professional band. I made good money and I was able to learn the industry. It all started in my small country town with a population around 18,000. I was not certain as to where it would lead, but I was certain that what I felt deep inside would make it happen. Going after this dream has not been easy and many times I wanted to just quit. I sometimes wanted to have a normal life (whatever that may be). Each time I felt this way, I would rest and recede  away from the music, but that fire on the inside would rekindle and ignite. This pushed me to continue climbing the mountain regardless of the challenges. Many people would discourage me from my pursuit. People would say things like: “trying to make a living in music is crazy and won’t happen.” I had the mindset that just because you doubt me, I WILL make it happen. It gave me more fuel and determination to pursue my dream at the scale I desired to achieve it.

The life of a entrepreneur is not for everyone – it just isn’t. You need a strong desire to succeed and step off of the boat not knowing if you will land on soil or in water. Most of the time, it will be water. This is because you are tapping into the belief that everything will come together and work. You are never sure that it will, but faith is your strength. The determination to succeed really comes from a greater supernatural power that makes you wonder why and how your still standing. I saw a quote recently that says it all.

“ Don’t dream your life away, Live it!”

Are you just dreaming, wishing, and hoping without any action behind it? Maybe you are just tired of trying to make it happen. The purpose behind your pursuit determines everything. It is more important to the life that you are supposed to live rather than to your own gratification. You will reap the reward from how it changes other lives. If it was easy, you would not appreciate it once you achieved it. When you put your blood, sweat, and countless hours in, you know you did it! When you’re living out your dream, you will have to climb to get to the top of the mountain for a single goal. You will catch your breath by walking back down that mountain. On the other side, you start climbing another larger mountain you had no idea would appear. That is part of the journey. This is part of reaching and achieving levels of your dream.

Stay true to the call…. cry when you need to…. but ALWAYS continue on the path. Complain for a short time then continue. Take a break by setting it aside, then pick back up and continue on the path. Let things fall apart just to learn a lesson. This will benefit you and direct you to where you’re going. Take the path less traveled, enjoy the good times, and embrace the challenging moments by learning from mistakes. Remember people are just the flesh and blood, so don’t get hung upon things that don’t matter. Don’t take things too seriously. Most importantly, there is the creator of that dream that you’re going after.. who knows the way there.. lay it down and give it to Him and let Him share with you, “Your Road Map” to the dream.

His will and faithfulness will get you there on in ONE PIECE. JUST DON’T QUIT
“If first you don’t succeed, Dust yourself off and try again!”